It is true to say that having a personal reason for launching a brand makes its journey to success even sweeter. When founder Hayden’s wife started having health problems, they couldn’t understand what was going on and it was only after several rounds of consultations and testing that her hormone imbalances were diagnosed. This was not only a turning point for her personally but it also became the catalyst for Hayden professionally. They became so much more aware of their lifestyle choices - what they were eating, improving sleeping habits, avoiding triggers like stress and heightened interest in what products they used both on our skin and around the home. Hayden’s research showed that so many household products contain endochrine disrupting chemicals which either mimic hormones or interfere with hormonal functions in the body. One of the most common is BPA, which mimic estrogen and cause hormonal imbalances. Other common ones include parabens and triclosan. These additives are a base in many cleaning products like dish washing liquid and laundry liquids.

So when he struggled to find a range of products that would help his wife, both in terms of ingredients and aesthetic appeal, he decided it was time to take matters into his own hands and launch his own. It was key that his range would be SLS FREE, SLES FREE and PARABEN FREE. He wanted all the products to not only clean effectively, but also to be gentle on the skin, kind to the planet and look naturally luxurious. He wanted to be able to read the label on his products and know that there were no damaging consequences of using them – and so Read the label London was born.

But it hasn’t only been because of his wife’s hormone imbalance that has led him to this point. His interest in natural products was peaked many years earlier. Raised in a family where natural and homemade plant based remedies were commonplace, he learnt the art of turning to nature from his mother. She would prefer to make all her own remedies and cleaning products from plants, herbs & essential oils. Whether it was Lavender oil on cuts and bruises, tea tree for those unwanted spots or Eucalyptus steam when a cold struck, it was the natural world that were rich pickings for the family’s needs. Unsurprisingly a spark was lit, and it started Hayden on a path of research, clinical trials and study programs to learn more about the power of plant based formulations and essential oils culminating in a Masters degree with Mum pride of place on the front row.

Years later, Hayden is a passionate advocate for a chemical free lifestyle and healthy living. His wife’s hormone imbalances are managed through consistent use of Read/the/label as well as an organic diet and his wish is for more people suffering in silence to realise there are options available to them. By taking time to read the labels on the products you buy, we can all make better, informed decisions and appreciate the value and benefits of a range like Read the label.

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