Read the Label London Launches New Organic Green Cleaning Collection

Aug 04 , 2021

Hayden Haji

Read the Label London Launches New Organic Green Cleaning Collection

In case you hadn’t noticed, there is most definitely a trend taking place in the world of household cleaning. More than ever, consumers are being encouraged to look to cleaner greener products to take care of their homes. So what are the benefits of switching to a new green clean regime?

 The answer is simple.  Did you know that many of the mainstream products can often contain a multitude of chemical and artificial ingredients? These “nasty” ingredients like BPA and parabens can mimic our own estrogen levels affecting our hormone balances and overall internal equilibrium. This can lead to health problems and trigger allergies and skin irritations.

 Read/the/label London is the latest addition to the “Green Cleaning” movement and being able to read the label in full confidence is at the heart of the brands ethos. Made in Britain, Read the label London has been formulated to deliver excellent product performance thanks to plant based ingredients and scented with 100% organic essential oils optimally blended to prevent allergy triggers.

 The team behind the brand (with over 25 years combined experience) took years to perfect these formulas using ingredients sourced from UK suppliers and organic growers – ensuring the range is completely free from chemicals, SLS, SLES, parabens, artificial dyes and brightening agents.

 And thanks to the different blends of essential oils like Bergamot, Euchalyptus Dives, Grosso Lavender and Geranium, the products can also help enhance the feelings of relaxation, reduce anxiety and stress and boost mood.

 But it is not only the benefits to our bodies that we see by switching to green cleaning. There are other essential factors such as reducing pollution in our water and maintaining better air quality. Add to that ,the environmental benefits to our environment and oceans of using PET 100% recyclable packaging. 

 Last but not least,  if utility room chic is a consideration – swapping plastic laundry boxes and pouches for a stylish bottle of detergent and fabric softener is sure to appeal to the aesthetic.  Sinks, cloakrooms and cupboards will also benefit from beautifully designed Washing Up Liquid, Multi- Surface Spray, Water Closet Droplets and Hand and Body Wash.

Join the Green Clean Movement with us...