Bergamot and Grosso Lavender Watercloset Droplets 100ml


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The perfect gift for your bathroom...a new and innovative product to help reduce odours – a fantastic & natural alternative to chemical heavy air fresheners, sprays and toilet cleansers.  Small but mighty, this bottle contains four pure essential oils to clear the air of unwanted smells, leaving the room fresh and inviting.


Contains four mood enhancing essential oils Bergamot 40%, Geranium 20%, Ylang Ylang 20% and Lavender 20%.

Bergamot - shown to help relieve depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders by signalling the brain to release dopamine and serotonin

Grosso Lavender - helps aid relaxation and often is considered to help with anxiety and insomnia

Geranium - helps reduce feelings of stress and fatigue while enhancing concentration and cognitive function, as well as balancing emotions and hormones,

Ylang Ylang - helps boost mood and self-esteem as well as having antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties thanks to its natural component linalool.

Customer Reviews

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lovely alternative to other bathroom refreshers.

interesting product, first of all, one of its kind and different from other bathroom refreshers in many ways.convenientfeel and scents less chemicals and therefore scents natural.has a very good scent.easy to friendly.overall i am totally happy with this new type of bathroom refresher product. Works well and upon entry in the bathroom smells nice.

Smells beautiful!

This essential oil blend smells gorgeous, as you might expect, but what I didn't expect is that it really does help clear odours in the bathroom. It's a much nicer-looking alternative to supermarket brands of odour eaters - the bottle looks very elegant and would look nice in any bathroom. It is very expensive for what it is, so I'm not sure if I would repurchase at full price, but I like it very much.

Pleasant, effective scent.

I'd never thought of scenting the water in my loo. I clean it with white vinegar because I'm in a hard water area and try to avoid the noxious chemicals as much as possible; and vinegar works well to prevent lime scale. But it does leave a vinegary smell which some find unpleasant.These WC drops are a novel idea. They come on a dark amber bottle with a pipette dropper, so they're easy to use. I cleaned the loo, flushing the vinegar away, and then added a few drops to the water in the pan; and even with the loo seat closed, the citrussy, sweet scent has spread through the room - it reminds me of the smell of sherbet lemons! I like them and will continue using them.

Chloe C.
It really works!

I bought this because I share a toilet with 3 other women and the hallway was always smelling of poo.

Since we started using this a couple weeks ago, the poo smell is completely gone! The scent itself is very subtle, barely there even. But somehow it stops the other smell taking over the common hallway. Highly recommended!

Fresh Toilet

Now boys washroom smells so fresh