Eucalyptus Dives & Geranium Watercloset Droplets 100ml


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The perfect gift for your bathroom...a new and innovative product to help reduce odours – a fantastic & natural alternative to chemical heavy air fresheners, sprays and toilet cleansers.  Small but mighty, this bottle contains four pure essential oils to clear the air of unwanted smells, leaving the room fresh and inviting.


Contains four mood enhancing essential oils Geranium 33.3%, Euchalyptus 16.67%, Basil.16.67% and Patchouli 33.33%  - SLS, SLES & PARABEN FREE

Geranium - helps reduce feelings of stress and fatigue while enhancing concentration and cognitive function, as well as balancing emotions and hormones

Euchalyptus - which brings its calming aroma to help you relax and clear your mind

Basil - helps promote a sense of focus and reduce

Patchouli  - whose earthy aroma contributes to a grounded, balanced atmosphere

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