Natural Laundry Liquid- Eucalyptus Dives & Geranium 1000ml


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Our chemical free, plant powered natural laundry liquid is formulated to not only smell divine – thanks to its perfect blend of four pure organic essential oils - but to also deliver on performance.

Formulated with purified water, our natural laundry liquid contains soapwart extract from the carnation family which forms a creamy lather and is a gentle cleanser. Our Ecocert certified water soluble surfactant, derived from plant sugars, creates a gentle and mild cleanser free from impurities. Our mild non-ionic stain removal additive boosts stain removal on tough marks while the chicory root derivative prevents precipitation of hard water salts. 


Contains four mood enhancing essential oils - Geranium 33.3%, Euchalyptus 16.67%, Basil.16.67% and Patchouli 33.33%  - SLS, SLES & PARABEN FREE

Geranium - helps reduce feelings of stress and fatigue while enhancing concentration and cognitive function, as well as balancing emotions and hormones

Euchalyptus - brings its calming aroma to help you relax and clear your mind

Basil - helps promote a sense of focus and reduce

Patchouli  - whose earthy aroma contributes to a grounded, balanced atmosphere

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